Spira goes global! EAT Stockholm Food Forum 12/13 June 2019

Emily is heading to the EAT Stockholm Food Forum 2019, the world’s biggest gathering of experts and topics on food systems and healthy, sustainable food.  Safe to say, she’ll be in her element.

Join us at the EAT Stockholm Food Forum 2019

We want to take you along for the journey, so we will be doing updates here on the sessions and snapshots of key learnings. You can follow us at the sessions live on Twitter (nz_spira) and see Stories and updates on Instagram (spira.nz).

The full plenary programme of the EAT Stockholm Food Forum is online, if there’s a particular speaker or session you are interested in, please share your questions with us.

Of note are two side events on regenerative agriculture and agricultural innovation we are attending are:

-        How can agroecology & regenerative agriculture accelerate the transitions towards sustainable food systems in Europe?

-       Setting a new global agricultural innovation agenda: consultation on the CGIAR 2030 plan.

In addition to learning from the global experts in these topics, and contributing the Aotearoa/New Zealand lens to the dialogue, our curiosity is on the role that food businesses, policy, and agriculture have in fixing the food system.  

We’re interested in the following:


-       Trends for food businesses

-       Role of food business in sustainable and healthy food

-       Getting the manufacturers on board / engaging more than farmers and growers in food system change


-       Leading food policies

-       Food system approaches to policies

-       Global solutions, national and local application


-       Role of regenerative and other restorative land use practices

-       New Zealand’s need to reduce its environmental impact from farming and its role as a world leader in agriculture

-       Learning from other countries and what is happening globally for agriculture

Follow this digest for updates on those topics and e-mail us if you have any questions for the Forum: info@spira.nz