Our work is cultivating change

what we do

+ We focus on food and sustainability
+ We help fix the food system

We work with two types of clients:

1.     Businesses right across the food system; and
2.    Organisations wanting food to fix a problem.

You’re a business and you’re having trouble working out how to tackle sustainability. Best is best practice, and that’s ensuring your impact on the environment and people is as light as it can be. It’s also world leading: How can you be a part of the solution to a more sustainable food system and planet, with the authentic story of New Zealand food behind you?

You’re an organisation, a health agency or council department, and your plans and projects include access to healthy and affordable food. But, you’ve hit a road block and you’re not sure how to get past it. You want your community to have clever programmes to help people eat well. You’re not sure how sustainability comes into that.

You need to talk to us.

We create solutions that make our food system better for our environment and people.

We take a food systems approach to our work and apply that through:

+ Advice


Why we do what we do

As a species we rely on natural ecosystems, clean air, and clean water in order to survive. Without it, we’re toast.

One area that has a big effect on natural resources, yet is also reliant upon them to thrive, is our food system. Focusing on improving the environmental impact of the food system is one of the best ways to help the planet. That’s why Spira was born, to cultivate change for a better food system.

We believe we can reduce our impact on the environment by improving the way the food system operates, that’s how we grow, make, sell, and consume food, and the transport and waste that happens along the way. If we want future generations and ourselves to have enough resources to not only survive but to keep growing food, we need to change how we do this and we need to change that now. That’s big — really big — right?

Who we work with

We work with food businesses wanting to lead the world with an authentic story of their food. We also work with NGOs, health agencies, nutritionists, dieticians, councils, and community groups running projects that help people have access to sustainable and healthy food.

Our advice is strategic and innovative with the vision to improve New Zealand food. We’re not like other food consultancies. We don’t tell you how to set up food control plans, battle paperwork, or advise you on food technology. We also don’t give you financial advice, but we are clever at spotting win-win solutions that are great for the bottom line. We work business to business with your consumers in mind, not directly with consumers.

Let’s collaborate

We get involved in projects that improve food systems, both in New Zealand and around the globe. Let’s collaborate! If you’d like to discuss your ideas or work with us, get in touch.