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Our Work

We’re not like other food consultancies. We don’t tell you how to set up food control plans, battle paperwork, or advise you on food technology. We also don’t give you financial advice, but our clever ideas will be win-win. We tackle the big problems in the food system and we fix them.

Our People

We are a company of like minded individuals with expertise that can be drawn on as and when it’s needed. This structure allows us to be flexible and adapt to your needs. Our advice is strategic and innovative with the vision to improve New Zealand food.


Our resources section is an ever evolving repository of goodies. Some for purchase and some to download free so that we can build a better understanding of our food system and where you might fit in it. As we create resources, they'll be here for you.

+ Spira focuses on food and sustainability
+ We help fix the food system

We work with two types of clients:


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